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Treasure Ships of the Great Lakes

Jim Barrett of St. Paul, Minnesota, writes: “After researching the CITY OF BANGOR, sunk in Lake Superior in 1926—and how its cargo of new automobiles was salvaged—I’m wondering what other treasures have been recovered from the Great Lakes?” Although parts more »

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Divers Seek Bones of Peking Man

Dirk Pitt discovered the priceless bones of Peking Man in Clive Cussler’s thriller Flood Tide (Simon & Schuster 1997) while rescuing thousands of illegal immigrants who were abused by a devious Chinese smuggler. Although the discovery of these bones millions more »

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Hunley Resurfaces

by J. A. Hitchcock She’s smaller than originally thought, and her bow is curved, not square. These are among the first mysteries solved by the raising of the Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley after 136 years on the bottom more »

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Interview with Dr. Clive Cussler

by Marc Levesque Replicated with the author’s permission; this article appeared on the Time2watch Web site. Over the years I have been very fortunate to have reviewed some of the finest wristwatches in the world, but nothing has given me more »

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Report of John Paul Jones

[From contemporary copy in the Library of Congress. Spelling and capitalization closely followed.] ON BOARD THE SHIP OF WAR SERAPIS, AT ANCHOR WITHOUT THE TEXAL, IN HOLLAND, Octr. 3, 1779. HONORED & DEAR SIR, When I had the honor of more »

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“If It Ain’t Fun, It Ain’t Worth Doing”

Clive Cussler: “If It Ain’t Fun, It Ain’t Worth Doing” by Di Freeze “Dirk Pitt enjoyed working with his hands on things mechanical, especially on the old classic automobiles in his collection in Washington. Adventure was his narcotic. He was more »

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The Adventure Continues…

by Betty Webb As Dirk Pitt and creator Clive Cussler get set to retire a new generation of hero and storyteller emerges. One of the scariest chapters in “Trojan Odyssey,” Clive Cussler’s new thriller, is the one where his seafaring more »

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Author Interview from Mothership

by J. A. Hitchcock  Clive Cussler may very well be the best author you’re probably not reading Come on, admit it – do you know who Clive Cussler is? How about Dirk Pitt? How about NUMA? I thought so. With more »

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