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The Endurance: Legendary Shipwreck Saga

Is there an I-max theater near you? If so, don’t miss Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure on the five-story Imax Theater screen. Billed as a sensory-immersion experience, the film chronicles Commander Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 attempt to lead a 26-man British team more »

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Another Mercedes in the Community

Even Fluff, the fearless, sometimes intimidating Pekingese pet of Mrs. Mollie Wilmot, panicked when the 200 foot freighter slammed into the retaining wall and deposited its bow in the family’s beachfront swimming pool. The maid, dressed prim and proper and more »

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Gin Fizz: Treasure Quest in the Florida Keys

My Bartender’s Guide for Delectable Drinks describes a Gin Fizz as: refreshing, exhilarating and unique—a delightful treat on a hot summer day.  Nothing could have defined my recent treasure hunt off Key Largo, Florida, any better than that. And I more »

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The Christena: A Sad Caribbean Saga

Visiting the M.V. Christena is a somber experience, but divers from the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis conduct a yearly memorial  to honor those who were lost in its tragic demise. The passenger ferryboat sank in the Narrows–a more »

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Convict Ship is ‘Bucket List’ Dive

George Wellington, a convicted pickpocket, embezzler and burglar was tied at the waist by a heavy rope and lowered into the foul smelling hold of the ship. It was the same way animals were loaded in the early 19th century. more »

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Divers Seek Bones of Peking Man

Dirk Pitt discovered the priceless bones of Peking Man in Clive Cussler’s thriller Flood Tide (Simon & Schuster 1997) while rescuing thousands of illegal immigrants who were abused by a devious Chinese smuggler. Although the discovery of these bones millions more »

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Roaring 20’s Boat ‘Liberty the Second’ Salvaged and Seaworthy

When Bill Houghton and Brian Simpson salvaged a speedboat of 1920s vintage from Lake Conneaut, Crawford, County, Pennsylania, they had no idea of the impact it would have on thousands of people in the Keystone State. Many Pennsylvanians rallied around more »

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The Manila Galleons: Treasures For The ”Queen Of The Orient”

Picture if you will, a four-deck, 100-gun, 2,500-ton vessel crossing the Pacific loaded with treasure and not making landfall for six months. Picture it as short and broad—with high fore and stern castles—carrying so much silver and gold, it draws more »

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Mutiny on the Bounty Leaves Remains of Perilous Voyage

Countless books and films have featured Mutiny on the Bounty, the provocative 18th century saga of a harsh captain and his rebellious crew aboard an English ship. Based on a novel by Charles Nordhoff and James Hall, the story follows more »

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This Post is for Wreck Nuts Only!

Wreck Nuts? Perhaps that’s not a very tactful way to coin it. Maybe we might call ourselves wreck radicals, enthusiasts, or better still, aficionados. Well, you get the picture. We know who we are. Shipwrecks are our passion. Some of more »

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