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The “Two-Fers”—Two Wrecks, One Dive!

They aren’t easy to come by, these “two-fers,” two shipwrecks in one dive. It’s serendipity for”shipwreck nuts,” and adds double notches to their belts of wreck exploration. Among the two-fers I’ve explored, the Bermuda wrecks: Constellation and Montana, remain my more »

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Gold on the Clara Nevada: Cold Case Gets Hot

The cat’s out of the bag. All bets are off. I’m letting the chips fall where they may. Or perhaps I should say I’m letting the gold fall into the hands of divers who have the determination and tenacity to more »

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Pigeon Forge Hosts World’s Largest Titanic Museum

Nestled not far from the foot of the Smokey Mountains, a replica of an enormous ship faces The Parkway looking for all the world like it’s ready to set sail into the steady traffic cruising through Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. As more »

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Treasure Ships of the Great Lakes

Jim Barrett of St. Paul, Minnesota, writes: “After researching the CITY OF BANGOR, sunk in Lake Superior in 1926—and how its cargo of new automobiles was salvaged—I’m wondering what other treasures have been recovered from the Great Lakes?” Although parts more »

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Shipwrecks in Grand Cayman? You Betcha!

From big freighters to small island cargo vessels, landing craft and confiscated drug runners, Grand Cayman abounds in wrecks. The island has so many trademark reef sites including caves, walls and canyons that divers sometimes tend to overlook the wrecks. more »

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Florida Shipwreck Trail: Divers’ Time Capsule

Do you have a bucket list? Remember the film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman where they performed wild and crazy feats before they “kicked the bucket?” I have a friend who has a list that’s not quite as drastic. more »

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Nova Scotians Toast Bluenose II

A maritime celebration was held in September, 2013 at the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, to honor a renowned vessel–the Bluenose II. The restored replica of the original schooner was launched amid cheers and applause. With smaller more »

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Island Wreck Dishes Recipe for Adventure

Take one lavish 200-foot steam yacht built in 1881 for a prominent English playboy. Let her stew from lack of use for two years, then steam her right into the British Royal Navy to become the flagship for the admiralty more »

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Captain Stay Put’s Endless Voyage

Among the many maritime yarns recounting heroic deeds of masters and their vessels is the extraordinary tale of Henrik Kurt Carlsen, better known as Capt. Stay Put. Although Carlsen, the 37-year-old Danish American skipper of the SS Flying Enterprise didn’t more »

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The Taj Mahal Treasure

The Taj Mahal Treasure. Ever hear of it? Neither did I until I started hanging out with Capt. Carl Fismer of Tavernier, Florida. The “Fizz” took me diving on one of the 1733 Spanish galleons sunk off Key Largo and more »

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