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H.L Hunley: ‘Gotta See it!

When Clive Cussler found the Confederate submarine, H.L. Hunley in 1995, he put another notch on his belt of historic shipwreck discoveries. And what a notch it became! The 40-foot-long maritime marauder had eluded Cussler and dozens of others who more »

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Virginia Shipwreck Yields Fascinating Cargo

What would you do if you discovered a ship that sank in 1888 loaded with china dolls, cut glass, brass fittings and other cargo destined for New Orleans and the Western Movement of early settlers in America? You might want more »

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The Wreck Lady: She Will Have Shipwrecks Wherever She Goes

Dr. Joe Shockley of Miami, Florida, asked about the late Jean Haviland who was one of the country’s foremost authorities on shipwrecks. It was Mrs. Haviland who sparked my interest in shipwrecks when she and her late husband, Ken, opened more »

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Shipwrecks Of The French West Indies

Ou est mon petit punch? (Where is my small glass of punch?). This is the only French you’ll need to know when visiting the French West Indies. The drink is a welcome gesture—a scintillating rum concoction that bridges the gap more »

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Memorable Moment: Diving A Shipwreck During A Solar Eclipse

When Wayne Valero asked me to share one of my most memorable moments underwater, I couldn’t help reminiscing about my trip to St. Kitts in February 1998. That’s where I witnessed the last solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere before more »

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Is There Treasure Off New England’s Isles of Shoals?

It’s the playground of triumphs and tempests, the kingdom of power and awe, disturbed by no sound save the winds swirling over jagged rocks. Romance cannot hallow it. Fancy words cannot soften it. There it remains, unchanged for eons: bleak, more »

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The Endurance: Legendary Shipwreck Saga

Is there an I-max theater near you? If so, don’t miss Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure on the five-story Imax Theater screen. Billed as a sensory-immersion experience, the film chronicles Commander Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 attempt to lead a 26-man British team more »

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Another Mercedes in the Community

Even Fluff, the fearless, sometimes intimidating Pekingese pet of Mrs. Mollie Wilmot, panicked when the 200 foot freighter slammed into the retaining wall and deposited its bow in the family’s beachfront swimming pool. The maid, dressed prim and proper and more »

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Gin Fizz: Treasure Quest in the Florida Keys

My Bartender’s Guide for Delectable Drinks describes a Gin Fizz as: refreshing, exhilarating and unique—a delightful treat on a hot summer day.  Nothing could have defined my recent treasure hunt off Key Largo, Florida, any better than that. And I more »

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The Christena: A Sad Caribbean Saga

Visiting the M.V. Christena is a somber experience, but divers from the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis conduct a yearly memorial  to honor those who were lost in its tragic demise. The passenger ferryboat sank in the Narrows–a more »

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