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Searching For Pirate Treasure Ships in the National Archives

To know the “Fizz,” an audacious adventurer who takes friends on enterprising endeavors with unpredictable outcomes, is to love him. He’s Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer, a highly regarded and successful treasure salvor who makes his home in Tavernier, Florida, when more »

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Presidential Yacht Sunk Off Assateague Island, Virginia

Would you be interested in joining me on a search for the presidential yacht, Despatch, sunk off Assateague Island, Virginia? I’ve been thinking about this for years. I would need someone with a boat, someone who has side scan sonar more »

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Unhappy Holiday for Christmas Tree Wreck

December is a fitting time for me to respond to a reader’s question about Lake Michigan’s Christmas Tree Wreck. Can you imagine one’s shock and chagrin upon learning of the loss of an entire crew and ship’s cargo of more more »

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