Other Sites

Here we’ve developed a list of other sites on the Internet that may prove of interest to Cussler collectors and fans. You’ll note that we’ve even included some general nautical sites.


Penguin Putnam
Simon & Schuster
Ash Grove Audiobooks

Fan Sites

BC Universal
Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt
Clive Cussler Collector’s Society
Clive Cussler Discussion Forum
The Cussler Page
Cussler’s Realm
Doxa Watch Fan
Helene Noelle’s World of Dirk Pitt
Howard Barich’s Page about Clive Cussler
Lily’s Hangar
Secret Agent’s Home Page – Clive Cussler
Society of the Cusslermen
Un-official Raise The Titanic!
Yahoo! Clive Cussler Fan Site

International Fan Sites

Australia’s Clive Cussler Down Under
Clive Cussler Fan Site (French)
Clive Cussler Fan Site (German)
Clive Cussler by Ryuji Okuyama (Japanese)
Tribute to Clive Cussler (Italian)
Dirk Pitt’s Cars
Valhalla Rising

Related Organizations

Eco-Nova Productions
The Explorer’s Club
Friends of the Hunley
Royal Geographic Society


Atlantis Found Review
Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt Revealed


AllReaders.com Clive Cussler Club
Admiral Byrd’s “Snow Cruiser”
Audio Interview with Clive Cussler
The Antartic Snow Cruiser
Authors on the Web Author of the Month
Byrd Antarctic Expedition III
BookPage Meet the Author
Bookreporter.com Author Profile
BooksnBytes.com – Clive Cussler
Clive Cussler Trivia
CNN: Clive Cussler on Searching for Shipwrecks
Cussler and Baseball
Cussler in Translation
Dayna Cussler
Doxa Meets Clive Cussler
Doxa Watches
Fantastic Fiction Bibliography
Frank Bolle
Hunley and National Geographic
Interview with Dr. Clive Cussler
Mary Celeste and Conch Shell
NCRS Rocky Mountain Chapter
Orange Coast College Hall of Fame
Parthenon Entertainment’s Sea Hunters Series
Pasadena City College Alumni
Pirates! Fact & Legend
Sahara Film News
More Sahara Film News

Nautical Sites

Archaeology Resources
Asia Maritime
Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology
Bristol University – Centre for Maritime Archaeology and History
Brown University – Department of Anthropology
Department of Maritime Archaeology Bibliographic Database
E-DIVERS ¬∑ An “Active” Dive Network
Florida State University – Underwater Archaeology
History Hunters International
Institute of Nautical Archaeology – Bodrum, Turkey
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Issues in Underwater Archaeology
Maritime Archaeology – Central Norway
Maritime Underwater Nautical Archaeology
NAUSICA√Ą – French National Sea Experience Center (French)
Nassau Shipwreck
Nautical Archaeology Society
Nautical Archaeology Society: North East
Nordic Underwater Archaeology
Scott-Williams Genealogical Research – Waratah Passenger List
South Africa’s National Sea Rescue Institute
South Africa Maritime Museum

South Africa’s Tall Ships
Thai Underwater Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology (Nordic)
Underwater Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology Society of Chicago
Underwater Caves of El Jacinto
United States Navy’s History Site About USS Cumberland & CSS Florida
University of Hawaii – Maritime Archaeology and History
University of South Carolina – Underwater Archaeology
University of Ulster – Centre for Maritime Archaeology
USGS Assists in Recovery of the Civil War Submarine H.L. Hunley
Vancouver Maritime Museum