A Current List of Shipwrecks and Other Artifacts of Historical Significance Either Discovered or Surveyed and Positively or Tentatively Identified by NUMA.

by Clive Cussler

This is not intended as an archaeological report, although a few are included from various expeditions. The full stories concerning the operational life and the circumstances behind each ship’s final destiny have not been detailed here. I leave that to other authors and historians who have written in-depth accounts on famous ships and shipwrecks of the past, where our efforts were not successful, I have included our projections as to where the vessel in question might lie.

I have never made claim to being an archaeologist. I’m purely a dilettante who loves the challenge of solving a mystery; and there is no greater mystery than a lost shipwreck.

I’ve been blessed with a team of dedicated men and women who have worked long and hard above and below the water in putting together an enviable list of accomplishments that will stand as a beacon for those adventurous souls who follow.

There are no cash rewards in becoming a footnote in history, but if satisfaction is treasure, many of us have become richer than we imagined.

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