Arkansas (C.S.S.)

For more information about this ship, please see the Mississippi River Expedition or Search for the Ironclads pages.

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  1. Patrick O. Beatty says:

    This ship rest in the Mississippi River about 2 miles above my home. She is supposed to be in the Battiour between the river and the levee. The levee board won’t let the scv dig her up. We’d love to put her in the museum here in Port Allen. The Cairo is on display in Vicksburg, Ms. , but she was a U. S. ship. Make a difference I suppose. Pat

  2. Richard S. Van Wagenen says:

    Hello Mr. Beatty and Happy Holidays. Just curious. How much detail can be picked up with the available detection equipment? Is there any sense of the dimensions or detail of the ‘Arkansas’? I realize this is wishful thinking but I was wondering if any of the ships armament can be recognized. I have been doing some research on the Missisippi Valley campaign and have been surprised that every account describing the ‘Arkansas’ seems to offer a different armament scheme.
    On a more general note would the available search equipment be sensitive enough to pick up an individual iron cannon and would it be recognized as such?
    Thank you for any assistance you might offer.

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