Hattie Wells

The Hattie Wells was built in Port Huron, Michigan by the shipbuilders Stewart & Fitzgerald in the year 1867. The three-masted schooner had a length of 135’, with a beam of 26’, and a depth of 11’. Later configured as a schooner barge, the Hattie Wells was lost in a storm on November 6, 1912.

NUMA, teaming with the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association, discovered the well-preserved remains of the Hattie Wells in the spring of 2010, during the ongoing search for Northwest Airlines Flight 2501.

This video of the shipwreck Hattie Wells was recorded in August, 2010 by SeaView Systems’ (seaviewsystems.com) Seaeye Falcon DR ROV off of South Haven, MI.

Hattie Wells: Lake Michigan Shipwreck from SeaView Systems, Inc. on Vimeo.

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