Louisiana (C.S.S.)

For more information about this ship, please see the Mississippi River Expedition or Search for the Ironclads pages.

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  1. Bill Stokes says:

    My great-grandfather, William B. Clarke, was Captain’s Clerk on CSS Louisiana, and was captured at time of ship’s destruction. He, along with other ship officers were imprisoned at Ft. Warren, MA, until paroled not too long thereafter.

    Would be interested to learn what, if any, artifacts, were found in wreckage.

  2. Joseph Elliott says:

    Wow this is so cool; and exciting. Who knew this NUMA is real. Clive dose a great job of mixing fiction with his real life adventures. If I was younger and in better condition I would love to be a part of the NUMA team. I see he writes books with co-authors. Being a writer myself maybe it would be possible to go on a writing adventure with Clive.

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